Auto Cutting Tool for protective hydro Gel Film

Built-in computer

Suitable for Mobile Phone front / rear film, Watch, Airpods, Camera over 11000 Devices Supported.
All model files included , easy to select

Package Contains:
​1x Cutter Machine

1x Power Cable

1x Instruction Manual

Some example HydroGel Films

Different Hydrogel Films Available

Matte flexible explosion-proof smooth Film ,

UV-ray Film ,

High HD Hydrogel Film ,

Anti-Blue ,

Blue-ray Film ,

Colorful Back Film

Fully automatic one-button operation 

Small and does not occupy a lot of space,

Store front desk can operate,

Suitable for Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Distributors, Online Stores.etc.


This item will arrive soon, if you have any Question or would like to Pre Order Please get in Contuct with us.

Automatic Cutting Machine, Hydro Gel Film  Front & Back Protective Sticker




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